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Starting your own business is exciting: meeting new people, setting up processes and offices, working on new projects. It is also stressful: running through your savings, wearing too many hats, IT issues. Would I trade this opportunity? No way. Am I learning so much about myself? Absolutely. Now I am in year two of running my own firm, and the challenges and opportunities are shifting. I have a backlog of projects and struggle to communicate timely with prospects while keeping current projects moving. What I need is an assistant. What I have is not yet enough revenue to support an assistant. So, I am navigating the choppy waters of much more to do than I have capacity. What I have found is the need to offer many apologies and many understanding clients and referral sources. Soon I will be able to afford to have an assistant to return client calls and emails and schedule appointments for me. For now, I do my best and look forward to a calmer future with a first mate abroad the SS REMCPA.

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